Justine’s Story

Like many of you, I have spent my entire life searching for my passion.  And I can best describe my journey as a roller coaster ride.  I struggled my entire life with weight management, I married early to someone I grew up with since elementary school and became a mother at age 19.  My world turned upside down at 24 when I lost my husband in a car accident. I became acutely depressed, gained more weight and felt like I had no direction or meaning in life.

Then I found fitness – a place where I could work hard, realize nearly immediate results, find relief, regain my confidence and ultimately transform myself into the best version of me.  And the results I achieved were the directly attributable to my hard work, commitment and dedication – something that no one but myself could take away.  These efforts took me from my heaviest weight at 245 pounds as a single widowed mother of two to an elite fitness competitor where I qualified for the national championships.  Along the way I found my passion!

You are not confident because you are beautiful,

you are beautiful because you are confident.

My passion is to inspire others to be the best version of themselves – to teach them through fitness, life skills that translate into peak performance as an athlete, an entrepreneur, a partner or anything that a person dedicates themselves to.  I have developed a proprietary training and diet regime that can help anyone transform into the best version of themselves.  Whether your goal is to simply lose weight, become more fit or to achieve success as top level fitness competitor, my programs will make you happier, more fulfilled and will help you achieve any goal in life that you have ever dreamed to achieve. And here is my guarantee – everyone who works with me will lose weight and experience more energy and passion in their life.

Come join me and start your journey today and learn how quickly you can realize your dreams!